Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

Questions :

1. George is cooking dinner tonight
2. Henry and Marcia have visited the president
3. We eat lunch in this restaurant today
4. Pat should have bought gasoline yesterday
5. Trees grow
6. It was raining at seven o’clock this morning
7. She opened her book
8. Harry is washing dishes right now
9. She opened her book
10. Paul, William, and Marry were watching television a few minutes ago.

Answers :

1. George/ is cooking/ dinner /tonight
(subject) (verb phrase) (complement) (modifier of time)

2. Henry and Marcia/ have visited/ the president
(subject) (verb phrase) (complement)

3. We /eat/ lunch /in this restaurant /today
(subject) (verb phrase) (complement) (modifier of place)(modifier of time)

4. Pat /should have bought /gasoline /yesterday
(subject) (verb phrase) (complement) (modifier of time)

5. Trees /grows
(subject) (verb phrase)

6. It/ was raining /at seven o’clock this morning
(subject) (verb phrase) (modifier of time)

7. She /opened /her book
(subject) (verb phrase) (complement)

8. Harry /is washing /dishes /right now
(subject) (verb phrase) (complement) (modifier of time)

9. She /opened /her book
(subject) (verb phrase) (complement)

10. Paul, William, and Marry/ were watching /television /a few minutes ago
(subject) (verb phrase) (complement) (modifier of time)


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